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K is for Kindergarten #tbt Show and Tell –part 4

June 15, 2017

Welcome to Show and Tell, where your fan favorites and #kidlit authors & illustrators share their kindergarten pictures and a kinder memory each #tbt.

This week’s sweet Kinder grew up to be Early Childhood Education professor and

picture book author

JaNay Brown-Wood.


JaNay is the author of IMANI’S MOON, illustrated by Hazel Mitchell (Charlesbridge).

Her newest picture book will be released with Charlesbridge this August:


illustrated by Priscilla Burris.

A *Publisher’s Weekly, STARRED REVIEW*

“A warmhearted tribute to the messy joys of a big, impromptu gathering.”

KIRKUS says:

“Grandma’s lucky to have all these family members, and young readers are even luckier to be invited to this wonderful family gathering.”

JaNay’s Kindergarten memory is about her IMAGINARY FRIEND:

I’ve always had a BIG imagination. Even way back in Kindergarten. I remember having an imaginary friend whose hand I would hold, and the two of us would run around the playground and go on elaborate adventures together. And we’d always have so much fun together! Good times!

PARENTS: Does your little one have an Imaginary Friend? Who knows? Maybe that vivid imagination will be the start of a picture book career some day!

Thank you, JaNay, for sharing your Kindergarten Show and Tell.

To learn more about JaNay, go to janaybrownwood.com 

BONUS NEWS for those who are still reading this post (Thanks!) :

BOOK GIVEAWAY starts June 22 on Goodreads!

***I’m giving away a SIGNED COPY of K IS FOR KINDERGARTEN***

(To be released August 15th–60 days and counting!!!)

(Sleeping Bear Press/ illus. Joseph Cowman)

Check back next week to meet the kindergartner who would grow up to be

my wonderful Sleeping Bear editor, Sarah Rockett! 


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