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K is for Kindergarten #tbt Show and Tell –part 3

June 8, 2017

Welcome to Show and Tell, where your fan favorites and #kidlit authors & illustrators share their kindergarten pictures and a kinder memory each #tbt.

This week’s Kinder grew up to be picture book author and musician

Tim McCanna. 

Tim is the author of BITTY BOT, WATERSONG,

and his recent release:


with illustrations by Allison Black (Abrams Appleseed).

School Library Journal recently called it, “A great title for toddlers and preschoolers; even babies would love the funny sounds. A definite purchase for any size children’s collection.”

Tim’s kindergarten memory is about the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER:

I had an amazing birthday party when I was in Kindergarten! It was very traditional with games like Pin the Tail On the Donkey, a big cake with cowboys on it, and I was surrounded by all my closest friends. My mother, however, remembers it a little differently.

Her heart was in the right place—she invited every single kid in the class of 25. She had all kinds of activities planned, including an idea where she hid jigsaw puzzle pieces around the house for us to find and then put together. But, she only had my older step-sister to assist with the event, and no parents stuck around to help. I hear that it was an exhausting few hours managing so many kids. And months later, we were still finding puzzle pieces around the house.

Soon after, a family friend told Mom to only invite a number of guests equal to the age of the child. That may be good advice, but from my 6-year-old perspective, it was the biggest and best birthday ever.

Ah, yes–with Kindergarten comes the etiquette (and pressure) of Birthday party invitations. Thank you to all the parents who made our childhood dreams come true–and never left anyone out! 

Thanks also to Tim, for sharing your Kindergarten Show and Tell.


Tim is offering a picture book manuscript critique to benefit the San Francisco Writer’s Conference and EveryLibrary.org.

Here’s the LINK. Deadline 6/11/17.

To learn more about Tim, go to TimMcCanna.com.

I can’t wait for his next book: JACK B. NINJA (illus. by Stephen Savage, Fall 2017/ Cartwheel Books/ Scholastic),

Speaking of waiting, 67 days to go until August 15th, the release date for K IS FOR KINDERGARTEN, illustrated by Joseph Cowman (Sleeping Bear Press)!

**Book Giveaway info to come!

Check back next week to meet the kindergartner who would grow up to be

picture book author JaNay Brown-Wood


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