The Half Birthday Book

  • Title: The Half Birthday Book
  • Contributors: Germán Blanco (Illustrator)
  • Published by: Genius Cat Books
  • Release Date: April 25, 2023
  • Pages: 24
  • ISBN13: 978-1938447556
  • Buy the Book: AmazonBarnes & NobleFace in a BookIndieBound


Erin Dealey’s latest rhyming adventure = a HALF Birthday party in a book! (a WHOLE lot of fun + 4 adorable Birthday Buddies + DIY activities) The HALF Birthday Buddies are so sneaky you might never see them but they LOVE #halfbirthdays! Do you?

FREE Resources & Lesson Plans

Lesson plans, resources, and more are available on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). Teachers, check out this free resource to do with your students and these free half birthday certificates to celebrate students’ half birthdays! This is especially fun for students who have summer birthdays and don’t get to celebrate at school!

  1. Half Birthday Book Buddy
  2. Half Birthday Book Certificates and Tags
  3. Half Birthday Book Writing Activity

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"...[HALF birthday buddies] exuberantly leave decorations for sleeping children, bake a HALF cake, and leave HALF invitations. And though they will hide from view, you may hear them sing the HALF birthday song. The rhyming text describes further activities for a HALF birthday party with family and friends, though presents are not a part of this celebration, even HALF ones... Dealey and Blanco give kids another day to celebrate each year."


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