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Kindergarten #tbt Show and Tell –part 5

June 22, 2017

It’s Show and Tell time again–where your fan favorites and #kidlit authors & illustrators share their kindergarten pictures and a memory each #tbt.

This week’s Kinder grew up to be #kidlit EDITOR

Sarah Rockett



Sarah says, “I was a real 80s kid and my mom always let me dress myself for picture day. That year I wore ALL of my great Aunt’s costume jewelry for the occasion (multiple necklaces, giant clip on earrings, a couple stick/hat pins, and a lovely dachshund pin).”

I first met Sarah at ALA 2015 in San Francisco, when I got to hang out in the Sleeping Bear booth and sign my holiday book,


(illus. Nick Ward.)

Note:I think she’s tamed the urge for multiple accessories by the way.

Fast-forward 2 years and I’m THRILLED to say Sarah Rockett is the FABULOUS EDITOR of my upcoming book, K IS FOR KINDERGARTEN–to be released by Sleeping Bear on August 15th–

53 days and counting!!!

A picture book is a TEAM effort, most definitely, and I am so grateful to TEAM K (as in KINDERGARTEN. Sarah’s creative vision of the book, along with the amazing illustrations by Joseph Cowman, added such magic to each page!

Here’s Sarah’s memory from kindergarten:

In kindergarten I hadn’t fallen in love with books/reading yet. I mostly remember having a crush on a boy in my class named Zach, loving art time, and idolizing my teacher, Ms. Speidel.

Which brings me to THIS, dear parents:

Do not worry if your Kinder kid isn’t hooked on reading and books just yet. Some of us–me included–are late bloomers! Who knows? Your creatively accessorized, art-loving child may grow up to be an incredible editor of children’s books. 


Speaking of cool–and Show and Tell (!), among Sarah’s current editorial projects is ROOF OCTOPUS by Lucy Branam and illustrated by Rogério Coelho, also due out in August. What a clever story and gorgeous cover!


BONUS NEWS for those who are still reading this post (Thanks!) :

BOOK GIVEAWAY starts TODAY June 22 on Goodreads!

***Click the link above and enter for a chance to receive a SIGNED COPY of




To learn more about Sleeping Bear Press go to sleepingbearpress.com or follow away on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

And check back next time to meet the Kinder who grew up to be Patricia Newman, author of  fascinating non-fiction titles like SEA OTTER HEROES, PLASTIC AHOY, EBOLA Fears and Facts–and the upcoming ZOO SCIENTISTS TO THE RESCUE!

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  1. Dow Phumiruk says:

    I love Sarah’s 80’s look – how adorable! And Roof Octopus looks so fun!