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August 6, 2017

A is for AT LAST! It’s happening,

Kindergarten’s almost here!

You’ve been waiting for this moment.

Every day feels like a year. 

I’ve felt just like a kindergartner-to-be, myself, lately…

waiting, and waiting, and waiting

for this Book Birthday!

And then I realized–in our family, we celebrate birthdays all month long,

so why not for a book too?

Endless thanks to the incredibly talented illustrator Joseph Cowman, our super-editor Sarah Rockett at Sleeping Bear Press, and Audrey Mitnick PR WonderWoman.

It takes a team to create a picture book!

I’m also thankful to all the friends who have stopped by my blog to share their Kindergarten Show&Tell stories. (More to come next week!)

Do you recognize these cuties?

(Answers in previous posts.)














As promised–here’s my own Kindergarten photo.  

Yep. I’m pretty sure my mom put a bowl on my head when she cut my hair!

Anyway–my kindergarten memory is actually of 6th grade me.

I was the kid who got to go down the hall and read to the kindergartners at story time. I can still picture the Kinders sitting on the rug at my feet, leaning in to each page as I read. That experience may very well be when I started on this #kidlit path.

Who knows?

What I DO know is that the K IS FOR KINDERGARTEN book party we had at Face in a Book the other night was SO MUCH FUN! We sang songs and created an alphabet with pretzels, and what a perfect celebration!

Here’s my schedule of upcoming events, in case you missed it:

August 11th Barnes & Noble Bend, OR  11am

August 15th  Bonkers Toy Store, Placerville CA 11am

August 19th Barnes & Noble Birdcage/Citrus Heights  CA 11-1

August 19th  Avid Reader Davis CA 3-5pm

August 26th Barnes & Noble Folsom CA 11am Story time

September 9th Barnes & Noble Roseville CA

Sept 16th 2pm & Sept. 17th 11:30am ScholareShare Children’s Book Festival. FairyTale Town, Sacramento CA.

I hope you’ll join me!

Reviews for K is for Kindergarten:

“As a teacher,…I like the idea of easing students into the path towards starting school. Spend a little time each day and maybe share one letter at bedtime or during the day. The activities will certainly be a benefit. K is for Kindergarten is a great way to kick off a landmark year in a child’s life.” Full review: NCTeacherStuff 

“In this book, readers get two books.  One is an alphabet book, counting down the days before the first day of Kindergarten, and the second is an activities book, providing the anxious/excited child activities to both entertain and teach…This book is a delight to the ear and eye and includes pages of interactive things to do.” Full review: Books for the Curious Child 

K is for Kindergarten is a clever and versatile little book that can be quite useful across core classrooms. It teaches children to count, anticipate, look forward to future events, and even to predict how much they will have learned on those dates. It encourages them to draw maps, interview their kindergarten teacher, make a clock from construction paper, and practice reading a bedtime story to their parents instead of being read to. Ms. Dealey’s prose is sweet, age-appropriate and stimulating for eager young minds. Artist Joseph Cowman’s illustrations are bright, colorful and super-kid friendly. All in all, this book’s content, concepts, illustrations and packaging makes it a win-win for everyone. PictureBookDepot 

Bonus: I made a

K IS FOR KINDERGARTEN coloring page:

Happy Back-to-School!

Be sure to check back next time for

illustrator Joseph Cowman’s

Kindergarten Show & Tell. 

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