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K is for Kindergarten –#kidlit pals Show and Tell

May 26, 2017

Ever wonder what your favorite authors and illustrators were like as kids? This new blog series will share kindergarten pictures of #kidlit pals, along with a memory of their kindergarten days.

Here’s the first–and pretty adorable–

Kinder photo from author/illustrator Gianna Marino:

Gianna aka Mickey

Gianna’s memory:

When I was in kindergarten I was too shy to speak to anyone. If I was brave enough to say anything, it was to remind people to call me “Mickey.”

Gianna’s latest picture book, SPLOTCH (Viking Books for Young Readers)

–about a boy, his dead pet fish, and his well-intentioned mother (!)–

just hit the shelves:

Spot-on kid-humor and splashy illustrations are a signature of Gianna Marino’s work. The perfect follow-up to I Am the Mountain Mouse and Night Animals, SPLOTCH will not disappoint!

“…The work is amusing, making light of a possibly upsetting scenario while simultaneously giving credit to the wit and cunning of children…
The gouache and pencil illustrations are spot on.” –SLJ

“The illustrations focus on the child’s emotions, the mother’s deviousness, and the cat’s observations as a series of robust, colorful fish come through the bowl.  Pair with Goldfish Ghost, by Lemony Snicket…” –BOOKLIST

To learn more about Gianna Marino go to GiannaMarino.com.

Who knows?

If you have a shy Kindergartner in your family, maybe your “Mickey” is busy imagining future picture books and wonderful character friends of her very own!

Thank you to Gianna for sharing her Kindergarten Show and Tell.


Next up: Click here to meet the kindergartner who would become the award-winning author/illustrator of WAIT!, BEST FRINTS IN THE UNIVERSE, NOT A BOX, and more– including her upcoming NOW:

Antoinette Portis 

And since you’re still reading (Thanks!) my new picture book,


illustrated by Joseph Cowman, will release with Sleeping Bear Press in

80 days.

August 15th to be exact! (But who’s counting?)

**Book Giveaway info to come!

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  1. Dow Phumiruk says:

    Oh, this is such a fun and fabulous idea, and what a great way to celebrate your launch! Thank you for sharing these. I can’t wait to see them all.

    • Erin Dealey says:

      Thank you so much,Dow– The photos and memories are priceless! I’ll be sharing yours next month. : )
      Congrats on YOUR (And Jeanne Walker-Harvey’s) wonderful book, MAYA LIN.