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Kindergarten #tbt Show and Tell –part 11

August 3, 2017


Today’s #tbt is extra special because… my first K is for Kindergarten book party is tonight AND

I get to introduce you to a dear friend, actor/writer/beautiful human being, Shelby Wulfert.

I love this pic of her reading to her brothers!

Shelby’s always been SMART and fashionable.

Who did this kindergartner grow up to be?

If you stopped by to read last week’s post you know the answer–or maybe you recognize her from the popular Disney show, LIV AND MADDIE.

Yes, she’s the one who’s had Maddie’s back for the past four years. (Twin magic isn’t easy you know…)

Shelby has a more recent pre-kindergarten memory.

No surprise it’s about reading to kids:

In India, I volunteered at a preschool that the kids attend every day. They had some books available in English and some in Hindi and Tibetan. While volunteering, I brought more books to the preschool as well.
One of my favorite things about the kids was the fact that the language barrier didn’t discourage their interest in the books. I will never forget how much I loved sitting and reading to them every day.
Parents: I’m sure you already know that reading picture books to kids –no matter what their first language is–is key to raising readers.
But Shelby’s India experience is a fabulous reminder that the joy of reading is universal. After your own “littles” outgrow their picture books, consider donating the books to a school or library or half-way around the world, where they’ll once again be cherished.
Also –as parents, we have no idea where our own creatively smart (and fashionable) kindergartners will be in the future,
but isn’t it exciting to know
the possibilities are endless?

What’s new on the horizon for Shelby Wulfert? Shelby says:

Currently I’ve been writing a lot; I’m working on a short film script with a couple other women, Emmy Buckner and Jessica Marie Garcia. Our hope is to film it this fall. Also, Betch: A Sketch Show, which I’ve acted in and written a sketch for, has their 2nd season up on Hulu, so go check it out!

Thank you, Shelby Wulfert, for stopping by to celebrate K IS FOR KINDERGARTEN with your own Show and Tell.

To learn more about this talented woman, go to her page at imdb.com

or follow her on social media: Twitter @ShelbyWulfert.

Instagram shelbywulfert

And check back in two weeks to meet the kindergartner who would grow up to be the illustrator of K IS FOR KINDERGARTEN, the amazing Joseph Cowman.

It’s here! It’s here!

I’m hoping to have time to tell you all about it next week.

Stay tuned!


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