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It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year: a VERY SPECIAL ICYMThem Book List & recap of 50 fabulous #kidlit books we celebrated in 2023!

December 26, 2023

This annual post brings together the 50 books we celebrated & paired in 2023. Wow! ICYMthem, check out these fascinating behind-the-scenes stories and writing/Illustrating tips shared by the #kidlit creators who joined us this year. (Perfect for Author Studies, Teacher friends.)

*Please note that many of the wonderful titles herein fit into multiple categories. Feel free to mix and match, and click the links to learn more!

Happy 2023 #BookBirthdays & Pairings to…

Middle Grade Novels

Enchanted Life of  Valentina Mejía    –Alexandra Alessandri (Atheneum / Simon & Schuster)

Hope in the Valley  –Mitali Perkins (Farrar, Straus and Giroux BYR)

The Unforgettable Logan Foster –And the Shadow of Doubt (Book 2) by Shawn Peters (illus. Petur Antonsson / Harper Collins)

Picture books

Kindness, Friendship, and Hope

Sometimes a Tiger  –Z.B. Asterplume (Feiwel & Friends)

Cindy & Panda – Benson Shum (Clarion)

One Small Thing  –Marsha Diane Arnold (Illus. Laura Watkins, Beaming Books)

When PB Met J   — Katelyn Aronson (illus. Sarah Rebar / Viking Kids)


Every Day’s a Holiday: Winnie’s Birthday Countdown Stef Wade (Illus. by Husna Aghniya / Running Press Kids)

The Half Birthday Book  — Germán Blanco, Illustrator (by Erin Dealey / Genius Cat Books)

Happy Birthday Belly Button  — Kalli Dakos & Illus. Luciana Navarro Powell (Amicus)

Imagination and Discovery

This Is a Story  — John Schu (Illus. Lauren Castillo / Candlewick)

Los Nachos de Nacho — Spanish edition of Nachos Nachos  –Sandra Nickel/ translated by Luis Humberto Crosthwaite ( Illus. Oliver Dominguez / Lee and Low)

Travel Guide for Monsters, part Deux  — Lori Degman & Jocelyn Watkinson (Illus. Marcus Cutler / Sleeping Bear)

My Dog Is NOT a Scientist!  — Betsy Ellor (Illus. Luisa Vera / YeeHoo Press)

Going to School

Smart, Smart School   –Sharon Creech (illus. Anait Semirdzhyan /Harper Collins) 

Get Ready for School  –Janet Nolan (Illus. Maria Neradova / Albert Whitman)

First Night of Howlergarten  — Benson Shum (Penguin Workshop)

9 Kilometers  –Gabriela Lyon Illustrator; written by Claudio Aguilera / translated by Lawrence Schimel (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers). 

Long Goes to Dragon School  — Helen Wu  (illus. Mae Besom /YeeHoo Press).

Animals and Habitats

The Upside Down Book of Sloths  –Elizabeth Shreeve (illus. Isabella Grott /Norton Young Readers)

Finding Family: the Duckling Raised by Loons — Laura Purdie Salas / Illus. Alexandria Neonakis

Hear Them Roar 14 Endangered Animals from Around the World – June Smalls ( Illus. Becky Thorns / Familius)

Just a Worm  –Marie Boyd (Greenwillow Books)

Animals In Surprising Shades  –Susan Johnston Taylor (Illus. Annie Bakst, Gnome Road)

Yoshi’s Big Swim  — Mary Wagley Copp (Illus. Kaja Kajfez / Capstone)

You Are a Honey Bee –Laurie Ann Thompson (Illus. Jay Fleck / Dial Books)

You Are a Raccoon — Laurie Ann Thompson / Illus. Jay Fleck/ Dial Books)


Light Speaks – Christine Layton & Illustrator Luciana Navarro Powell (Tilbury House).

Zapp Clap Boom – Laura Purdie Salas (Illus. Ellie MacKay, Bloomsbury)

The Forest Keeper –Rina Singh (Illus. Ishita Jain /NorthSouth Books)

My Grandpa, the Tree, and Me  –Roxanne Troup (Illus. Kendra Binney, YeeHoo Press)

A Stone is a Story –Leslie Bernard Booth (Illus. Marc Martin / Margaret K. McElderry Books)

Nature is a Sculptor  — Heather Kinser (Millbrook/Lerner)

In a Cave  –Heather Kinser (Illus. Bonnie Kelso / Gnome Road Publishing)

Taking Care of Our World

COUNT ON US! Climate Activists from One to a Billion  —Gabi Snyder ( Illus. Sarah Walsh / Barefoot Books)

Food for the Future: Sustainable Farms Around the World — Mia Wenjen (Illus. Robert Sae-Heng /Barefoot Books )

DEAR EARTH… From Your Friends in Room 5   — Luisa Uribe, Illustrator (written by Erin Dealey / Harper Collins)

The Planet We Call Home – Aimee Isaac (Illus. Jaime Kim, Philomel)

Armando’s Island –Marsha Diane Arnold (Illus. Anne Yvonne Gilbert / The Creative Company) 

Jewish Board Books

We had a BOARD BOOK Party –with a bevy of Jewish Board Books + 7 Qs & tips from 5 #kidlit authors:

PIPPA’S PASSOVER PLATE — Vivian Kirkfield ( Illus. Jill Weber / Holiday House)

COUNTING ON SHABBAT — Nancy Churnin ( Illus. Petronella Dostalova /Kar-Ben )

CHALLAH –Varda Livney ( P.J.Library)

MY MEZUZAH — Ann D. Koffsky (Apples & Honey Press)

SHEEP SAYS SHALOM — Ann D. Koffsky (Greenbean Books) 

MAZAL BUENO! — Sarah Aroeste (Illus. Taja Morley /Kar-Ben )

And in case you missed it:

Christmas #Book Pairings

Check out the interviews with Nikki Grimes, Mitali Perkins, Betsy Bird, and Blake Harris & pairings with @JeanneWHarvey @krschmittwrites and Susan Adrian.

PS You know those #bookstore gift cards you got recently?

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Again–huge thanks to all of the incredible #kidlit authors and illustrators

who joined us on the blog this year.

Happy and Healthy Book-filled 2024 to ALL.

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  2. Alexandra says:

    Thank you so much for including THE ENCHANTED LIFE OF VALENTINA MEJÍA!! I appreciate so much the love you give fellow kidlit authors!