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What exactly is a HALF Birthday & HOW do you celebrate? + a #Giveaway!

October 24, 2023

You can thank Jimmy Kimmel and Snoop Dogg for this post.

In case you missed it, on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE the other night, they surprised Snoop Dogg on his 1/2 Birthday, Oct. 20th. Here’s the link. But basically it went like this:

JK: Do you know what a half Birthday is?

SD: (Looking very puzzled...and possibly concerned because Jimmy’s surprises are “different, man.”)

JK: In our family with the kids we celebrate 1/2 Birthdays. So it’s like we sing Happy Birthday and we have half a cake. It’s six months before your birthday. Or after.

from Jimmy Kimmel LIVE

Which got me thinking three things:

  1. Jimmy Kimmel celebrates 1/2 Birthdays–YES!!!!!
  2. If Snoop Dogg doesn’t know what a half birthday is, he can’t be the only one.
  3. This is a job for the Half Birthday Buddies.

Art by Germán Blanco, illustrator of
(Genius Cat Books)

Q 1. WHO (besides Jimmy Kimmel) can celebrate 1/2 Birthdays?

A. Anyone! Summer birthday kids, or those with BIG holiday birthdays or friends and families who just love celebrations. And Teachers!

As teacher/author Jena Benton, who featured THE HALF BIRTHDAY BOOK on her blog, Simply 7 said:

I have a summer birthday, which was always a bummer as a younger school kid.  I didn’t get to celebrate my birthday during the school year at all. 

I know what that’s like. We have a June birthday in the family and she only had one year (Kindergarten) when her birthday was actually during school. Then the school changed their calendar, and by the time it was her birthday, school was out and many families were off on vacations of their own. 

There are also those who share their birthdays with the BIG holidays…or close to them. I mean, Jimmy Kimmel should talk to Taylor Swift, whose birthday is Dec. 13th. Maybe she’d like to celebrate her half birthday on JKLive next June 13th?  What do you think, Jimmy?

2. Are Half Birthday celebrations expensive, elaborate shindigs?

A. Absolutely not.

At least they dosn’t have to be. A half birthday should be different from an actual birthday celebration. Bake half a cake, like the Kimmel family does. If you have any leftover balloons, inflate them HALF-way.

Art by Germán Blanco from THE HALF BIRTHDAY BOOK (Erin Dealey/ Genius Cat Books)

The Half Birthday Buddies have lots of ideas:

Art by Germán Blanco

3. (Q to me from Jena Benton): Why was it important to you to celebrate half birthdays with young readers?

A. The idea for the book came from an elementary Vice Principal.

This is true! Credit for the 1/2 Birthday Book idea goes to the Vice Principal at the school where my daughter was teaching 2nd grade. He had been searching for a book about half birthdays and couldn’t find one.

My usual answer to “You should write a book about…” is: “Maybe you should write that one.” But something made me check for comp titles, and he was right. The most recent books I could find on half birthdays were the Berenstain Bears, and a Max & Ruby (Rosemary Wells) leveled reader!     

Thanks Mr. Douty

PS You can find more info about THE HALF BIRTHDAY BOOK here.

Art by Germán Blanco from THE HALF BIRTHDAY BOOK (Erin Dealey/ Genius Cat Books)

4. Did we mention a #Giveaway?

A. Yes! THREE lucky recipients (US only) will get a signed copy of THE HALF BIRTHDAY BOOK plus a packet of cool stickers.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. RT this post on your fav social with the hashtag #HalfBirthdayFun and tag a friend + @ErinDealey
  2. Extra points if you share on the others –Twitter, Insta & FB– too.
  3. EXTRA points if you’re a teacher.
  4. Deadline Oct. 31st –midnight Pacific time. (Trick or Treat!)

  Thanks Jimmy Kimmel!

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  1. Lynne Marie says:

    So fun! Snoop Dog’s Half Birthday is my son’s actual birthday! Wishing you all the best of success with this book.

  2. danielle hammelef says:

    Because I have a birthday so close to Christmas and no one seems to have time to celebrate with me, I love my June half birthday (plus it’s always much warmer then!). I shared on tumblr and Facebook.