author visits

With Erin Dealey

Erin Dealey’s school assembly presentation includes interactive theater games, Q & A, and/or a mini-play featuring 10 pre-selected students (& sometimes teachers…) from the audience. No rehearsal necessary! The simple-to-learn theater activities based on themes and characters from books like Little Bo Peep Can’t Get To Sleep, or Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox are fun for all ages. 

The “sloppy copy” is your friend!

School visits are flexible and may be tailored to your needs. Erin also explains how “The Sloppy Copy is Your Friend,” and “You Might Be an Author Some Day!” (featuring excerpts from Erin’s 6th grade journal). Upper grades option: How your teacher and my editor are alike (the writing process, sloppy copies). Erin also shares first pages from current, age appropriate novels, and discusses how various authors hook the reader.

Assembly Length: flexible; approximately 45-55 minutes. * 3 assemblies max per day.
Lesson Plan Packet with age appropriate activities provided in advance.

Kinder visit(s): Erin and the kinders sing her Reading Song, talk about each of the nursery rhyme characters in her books, and go through their original rhymes and songs before Erin reads her stories.
Note: Even wiggly Kinders do just fine at the large assembly but some schools prefer a separate K- classroom visit.

Fun FREE Activities, coloring pages, Readers Theater scripts and more HERE

Virtual Visit With Erin

Erin is flexible to meet you where you're at and virtually visit via Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Why I Love Virtual Visits


Workshops: Erin is also happy to teach one or more writing or theater workshops during her visit. Sample workshops:

  • Writing Fractured Fairy Tales (Grades 2-3) meet the characters, creating dialog, LITTLE BO PEEP CAN’T GET TO SLEEP + other examples, brainstorming ideas, and WRITING a Beginning. Middle, and End. 
  • Using Debates to teach Close Reading, Author’s Purpose, and Persuasive writing. A simple debate format can teach your students to go beyond the words and form an opinion, using evidence from the text to support their claims. (Grades 2-12.)
  • Anyone Can Write a Poem (Grades 3-12 or teacher in-service* developed as part of the Area 3 Writers’ Project/UCDavis): Simple, fun poetry techniques guaranteed to produce immediate results!
  • Literacy games and activities that encourage voice, fluency, and fun! (all grades)
  • Dialog—(grades 4+) Writing dialog even when you don’t know what to say!
  • Descriptive Paragraphs: Teaches format and the “Show—Don’t Tell” technique authors use. (“painting pictures” with descriptive words)

Teacher workshops include:

  •  Using Debates to teach Close Reading, Author’s Purpose, and Persuasive writing. A simple debate format can teach your students to go beyond the words and form an opinion, using evidence from the text to support their claims. (Grades 2-12.)
  • “Anyone Can Write a Poem…or Teach someone How”
  • “All the World’s a Stage—Even Your Classroom!–theater games, improvs, and activities—a different approach to the Writing Process.” *developed as part of the Area 3 Writers’ Project/UCDavis.
  • “How to Get What You Write for Your Students Published!”
  • Erin is a credentialed, experienced Language Arts/English teacher and is happy to tailor workshops to the needs of your school or organization.

Suggested Honorarium: Flexible. I know about school “budgets.” Payment method preferred: check from PTO /PTA; No Purchase Orders or District budget/ VSA.

  • (+ $50/travel outside the Sacramento area/ or foothills)
  • $300.00 One assembly (or one class visit) + book signing
  • $ 850.00 Full School Day (see choices above)
  • $200.00 Parent Night (if scheduled with Full Day visit)
  • $300.00 Parent Night only

Visits outside northern California:

  • $850.00 Full School Day (see choices above)
  • $200.00 Parent Night (if scheduled with Full Day visit)
  • 2 or more bookings/days suggested + travel, lodging, per diem
  • Schools can cut costs by sharing travel expenses. A contract will be sent to confirm after schools coordinate the dates of Erin’s visits.

“Erin Dealey is an author who knows how to make her book presentations come alive! She involves children and parents in the storytelling and uses a variety of fun props, sound effects, and teaching techniques to make an entertaining and educational presentation.”

Kathy Fleming, Executive Director

Fairytale Town, Sacramento, CA

“Dear Erin, I have gotten soooooooooooooooooo much great feedback about your splendid performances–from teachers and kids! They really got your message about how THEY can be writers! Thank you! Thank You! My principal, Christy Vail, will be emailing you a rave “review”! I would love to have you next year to do a writing workshop with our fifth graders in conjunction with their WRITERS WORKSHOP”

Cary Kelly, Librarian

Sacramento Country Day School

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful day at Williamson. The assemblies were a great start to the day…students were interested and motivated and enjoyed your sense of humor. I heard from the other teachers that the writing workshops were just as wonderful. The sessions were age appropriate and very motivating as well as enjoyable for the students. I heard that many students were asking for extra time for writing or writing homework….Miracles of miracles.”

Susanna Verplancken, Teacher

Reading is Fundamental Chairperson, Williamson Elementary

“The kids and staff are still buzzing about the assemblies yesterday. Erin Dealey was a HUGE hit! The bar has been set VERY high for any authors that visit us in the future! One of my 3rd grade teachers said she feels a lot of assemblies are a waste teaching time since they often are not tied in to curriculum, but she LOVED yours! She had been trying to illustrate to the kids how important it is to be animated when you give a presentation. She said that after watching you, her kids ‘got it!'”

Leona Johnson, Librarian

Joseph Sims Elementary (K-6), Elk Grove, CA

“Erin Dealey is a gifted presenter and teacher. She motivated our Students by sharing her knowledge and experience with appropriate humor and genuine concern for their developing skills. At one point, I looked over the entire audience of 4th and 5th graders and saw every child completely absorbed in her presentation. Every child had a smile on his or her face!”

Bruce McVicker, Teacher

Cottage Hill Elementary School, Grass Valley, CA

“Before heading to the assembly this morning, I prepped my class that this was an author visiting us to talk with all of us about what an author’s life is like. She’s probably not a performer, I know you’ll enjoy it and learn from it and I expect you to be the great audience members I know you can be. When we returned to class after our assembly, the class said to me, “You were so wrong! She was GREAT!” And she truly was. Erin had the attention of the whole 4th and 5th grade classes throughout and they were sorry to have to leave.”

Susie Patterson, Teacher

Cottage Hill Elementary School, Grass Valley, CA

“Hi Erin, Well, I am still hearing many kind and enthusiastic words about your visit here with us at Citrus Heights . Seriously, the kids want you back as soon as the next books come out! The teachers and parents just can’t say enough! I hope the day was a good one for you as well.”

Julie Korb, Media Tech

Citrus Heights Elementary School

Kind Words