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It’s a Happy New Year Classroom Blog Takeover!

January 9, 2024

Hello –We are Room 13 and we are taking over Erin Dealey’s blog. Muah-ha-ha!

The third graders are now in charge.

Erin Dealey came to our school and read her books to us.

As she read, we collected cool words from her stories and wrote them on the white board.

Then we used the words to write poems and stories.

(We could add other words and change the endings of the words too.)

We hope you like our writing!

The dreams of children

dance in the stars.

Spirits of our loved ones

twirl so gracefully.

The moon sparkles.

It’s a spotlight.

A moonlight parade

starts tonight.

One summer morning I saw a crimson

dragonfly stuck in a web.

I was going to tease it. But then I

saved it and it flew away.

It was a hot day

in summer.

As the sun

went away

I saw a magnificent

dragonfly in

the moonlight.

It flew onto my finger

and stayed there

til the crimson sunrise.

The sad family begged for snow.

“Please have snow,” begged the family

but nothing happened.

Soon the peaceful breeze

blew the fire away,

It was a nice summer.

But something wasn’t right.

But the wise crimson dragonfly

helped the boy figure it out.

The web teased him.

The web made him feel good

so he helped nature

for the rest of his life.

Spring came by

plants start to grow

Spirits come.

Animals come from their nap

to have joy.

Happy New Year from Room 13, Mather Heights Academy.

Dear Room 13, and Mrs. Fong–

Happy New Year to you too! I love all of your stories and poems.It was fun collecting words with you and then seeing all the creative ways you used them. WOW!

Thank you for the fun blog takeover. When I read the last poem about Spring, it made me think of my next picture book, JUST FLOWERS, coming out in March. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Your Friend,

Erin Dealey

JUST FLOWERS by Erin Dealey, Illustrated by Kate Cosgrove, Sleeping Bear Press. Coming March 2024.

Cheers to happiness, good health, and BOOKS in 2024.


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  1. Joel Francisco says:

    OUTSTANDING!!! We are grateful for your hard work and support of our students!

  2. Colleen says:

    Love this and our kiddo had a great time. Thank you for the creativity, joy and love of reading you bring to their class.