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I Wish People Knew…part 3: a teen shares her thoughts on adoption

February 2, 2017

I Wish People Knew… by Taylor Kelly-McMahon

I wish people knew that it doesn’t matter why someone is adopted. As long as they have good support from their adopted parents, and are genuinely happy with their surroundings, then nothing else should matter.

I wish people knew not all adopted kids sit around wondering why our birth parents decided to give us up for adoption. Most other people I know who are adopted are very content with their lives, and could not picture it another way.

I know that I am very happy right where I am, and very happy that I was adopted because I doubt that I would know any of the wonderful people I know today. And I definitely wouldn’t be writing this.


Thank you so much, Taylor, for sharing your thoughts. I’m so glad you DID write this!

Taylor Kelly-McMahon is a junior in high school. She loves tap dancing and is going to the Oregon Regional Thespian conference this weekend with “Good Mornin’” from SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN which she put together with two other boys–and what a timely tribute coming on the heels of the passing of the wonderful Debbie Reynolds. She is hoping to attend a small Liberal Arts college when she graduates. Future goals include writing for tv, and working in a collaborative atmosphere with other writers. 

If you are a parent, child, or sibling of adoption interested in sharing your thoughts, use the contact form on my web site or leave a message in the comments below. Here’s a link to the first post in this series which explains the details.  

Stop by next week for a second guest post from Hannah, whom you met in part 1 of  I Wish People Knew. 

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  1. Hannah Wasserman says:

    Thank you for sharing Taylor! You’re absolutely right I can not imagine life any other way!