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Fall Fun at Scholastic Books

September 19, 2005

P1010412 What are these six children’s authors doing at Scholastic Book Fair’s Fall Preview Open House? Helping Scholastic "open" their new offices in Fremont, CA, and meeting tons of wonderful people who organize book fairs in Bay Area schools.

Left to right in the front row are: Lynn Hazen with her new book Buzz Bumble to the Rescue (Smart woman! Why didn’t the rest of us think to hold up our books?), illustrator Jennifer Mattheson (Happy to Be Girls written by Sarah Davies), and Elizabeth Shreeve (The Adventures of Hector Fuller chapter book series). Back row: Pamela S. Turner (Hachiko: the True Story of a Loyal Dog), Elaine Russell (Martin McMillan and the Lost Inca City ), Erin Dealey (That’s me. I should be holding copies of Little Bo Peep Can’t Get To Sleep and Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox. Well, at least I broght the camera…), Anne Isaacs (Swamp Angel, a Caldecott Honor Book) , and Marsha Diane Arnold (Prancing, Dancing Lily).

What do we all have in common (besides writing)? We love Author Visits and Scholastic Book Fairs! Check individual web sites for details, or go to https://erindealey.com .

Special thanks to Author Megan McDonald, who talked about her new book, Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid, the first in a series for Judy Moody’s little brother, AND Deborah Reichle at Scholastic for inviting us all to the festivities. More later on which schools have booked Erin Dealey for author visits. Meanwhile, time to PBIC, and WRITE!

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  1. Ray Dillon says:

    Wow. That would be so much fun to travel around the country and talk to kids. That is definitely a goal of mine. I need to visit the local schools more.
    Looks like you’re doing some great things! Congratulations!
    And I’ve bookmarked your site and blog. ;o)