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Second Graders Accept Writing Challenge!

April 29, 2017

Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox #erindealey

Mrs. Hicks’ 2nd graders from Mt. View Elementary, in Corvallis OR, accepted my writing challenge!

Behold their sequels to GOLDIE LOCKS HAS CHICKEN POX:

I love them ALL, but the rhymed ones really tickled me. Here are a few excerpts–which pieced together make quite a fun story!

illustration by Rylan

Brother Locks has chicken pox from head to toe.

Goldie recovered, as we know.

by Abby

“Brother has chicken pox?”

Goldie Locks was truly shocked…

Jack be Nimble came to play.

Brother said, “Go AWAY!”

by Mirielle

illustration by Ariella

[Goldie] –Little Red wants to play.

Today’s the right day.

by Lilly

Jack and Jill came down the hill

with a pale

Mother said,”…We took his temperature.

It went off the scale!”

by Mirielle

illustration by Phoebe

Then Bo Peep went looking for her sheep

and she saw what happened to brother.

She said, “Don’t let it spread to another

especially Mother!”

by Scarlett

The Doc came down the clock.

Then we saw the spots

on Mother’s face.

by Abby and Scarlett

[The doctor said,] “I know the cure.

You should get cheese and muffins and vinegar.”

by Abby

illustration by Brynne

Bing pop floot

they were gone.

The End!

by Abby

Awesome job, my writing friends. Congratulations to all! 

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  1. Eileen Ross says:

    Hi Erin,
    Not sure if you remember me from Colorado SCBWI conference where Deborah agreed to be my agent, but as a former second grade teacher, I just had to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed the ‘writing extension’ of your book (which BTW, my granddaughters LOVE! and we read weekly). Such fun! I’m so impressed. Wishing you the best!
    Eileen Ross

    • Erin Dealey says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words,Eileen! Wasn’t it fun to see what they came up with?

      Of course I remember you, and it’s fun to know we’re on the same E/W team.
      Hugs to you and your grand-daughters!