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I Love to Read– In Brazil!

February 1, 2012

Let the Brazil blog begin! With any luck (and wifi) I will be updating this as I visit International Schools in Brazil this month. I always tell the students I meet that books can take you amazing places–both real and imagined. Boy is that the truth!

It’s finally hitting me that my Brazilian adventure is real.  What amazing opportunities I have to encourage children all over the world to do their personal best, read read READ, and find their voices.

Not bad for a kid who was going to be a math teacher. Seriously. With math you know if you’re right or wrong. With writing (in school anyway) not so much. With math there are answers in the back of the book and if you get it wrong you can use a formula to get it right. With writing, there is no exact formula–no matter how hard we try to spell out the expectations. Honestly, when it comes to writing, our students don’t get Writers’ Block–but rather Student Block, desperately trying to figure out what the heck their teacher wants from the assignment.

Writing requires taking a risk.  Like boarding an airplane for a country whose language sounds like a mixure of every Romance language known to man. We need to assure them that writing–like reading– is an adventure. Give them the type of environment that encourages young voices–where nothing (as long as it’s clean, legal, and appropriate) is wrong. Help them find their voices and format will follow. So will their love of writing.

As for me,  day one of my adventure begins today! Stay tuned!

Tchau (sounds like ciao–see what I mean?)


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  1. Deb Trotter says:

    Keep your posts coming. I may never get to Brazil, but you’re the second friend who’s visited there recently, and I am thrilled for you and this opportunity to spread the word about books, reading and writing!

  2. Deb Trotter says:

    Keep the blogs coming! I’m thrilled for you and to be able to share your experiences through your words.

  3. Ms. Marcia Arnaldo says:

    Dear Erin,

    We are looking forward to your visit here at EAC. My students are reading your books. They love to read, library class is one of their favorite classes of the week.
    Thank you,
    See you on Monday!
    Ms. Marcia

  4. M.A says:

    hi its M.A from eab i loved your presentation at my school