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5 Things I LOVE about Twitter

April 5, 2013

This post is for my Twitter pals to share with colleagues who think  Twitter is about following the Biebs or curating an image when you have no life. [thank you TV sitcoms…]

To my Twitter pals, the following (no pun intended –and no reference to the above photo…)  is a no-brainer.  However,  so many fellow authors and teachers roll their eyes when I mention the T-word–and since I’m mentioning social media in my session this weekend at SCBWI CA North/Central’s Spring Spirit– I feel the need to write this homage to Twitter. Pass it on.

5 Things I LOVE about Twitter

1. Twitter connects TEACHERS.  I am a positive person, and let’s face it– the faculty room can suck the positive right out of your best day ever.  Grumpy people need a place to vent–I get this. But positive thinkers need other positive thinkers to help them rise above the grumps and continue to motivate their students.  I agree with what @sjunkins tweeted recently during a #DENchat :PD on Twitter is everything a teachers lounge or faculty meeting should be… Inspired educators with engaging ideas.” 

2. Twitter connects TEACHERS with LIBRARIANS and books–and thank goodness. Every time I do a school visit, I am struck by the gazillion hoops today’s awesome teachers must jump through on a daily basis.  And they do. [Bless them, every one.] But this leaves little time to explore new books that might ignite a reluctant reader or fan the flames of those already hooked–especially if their school has budget-cut the librarian right out of a job.  [Boo-hiss. Save Librarians!] How wonderful that Twitter Teachers have #NerdyBookClub and everyone’s favorite rockstar librarian @MrSchuReads to #booktalk and post links to reviews and trailers.

3. Twitter pals support each other.  I’m not talking about those who start each tweet with: CHECK OUT MY______$$$ (fill in the blank.) Those who use Twitter to constantly plug their latest product do not get it.  I’ve met some amazing friends on Twitter and we’re here for each other.  From #MGLitChat to #Educhat to #KidlitChat  and #AmWriting , I learn, grow, and possibly occasionally procrastinate–err take a break from–my own revisions… No seriously, the #KidLitCares auction started with a tweet from @KateMessner after SuperStorm Sandy ravaged the East Coast and, with the help of @JoanneLevy and countless author, illustrators, agents, and editors, raised thousands of dollars.

4. Twitter helps bring SCHOOLS and AUTHORS together.  I would never have had the opportunity to meet students from all over the world without Twitter. Witness the fourth annual World Read Aloud Day held last month on March 6th, and spearheaded by @LitWorld , connecting readers and would-be readers globally. Many teachers  connected with authors and celebrity readers via Twitter and marked the event with a school visit or Skype.

St. Joseph school

This was my second year participating in #WRAD, and in one day, I Skyped with eight schools and read aloud in New Hampshire (Pembroke Hill shout out!) , New York (Port Chester!), Illinois (Rockford Lutheran & Westgate!) , Texas (Cibolo Green & Fort Worth!) , and California (Saint Joseph School) — as well as the International School of Monterey, without leaving my office.  These kinds of interactions help teachers motivate their students to read and write, and help authors to meet their young readers in person. I call that a win-win in any book.  ; )

5. YOU —I’m serious here.  Writing used to be a solitary pursuit. With Twitter I keep up with world news, book reviews, educational theory and make FRIENDS with incredibly talented, motivated, POSITIVE people. Twitter is my morning paper, professional development, and a window to issues I may never have considered.  But


a “Favorite” from Sharon Creech ( @ciaobellacreech

or Happy Birthday wishes from


fellow Aries “twins” Ame Dyckman   (@amedyckman )


Anne Mazer (@AnneMazer )



and Debbie Ohi ( @inkyelbows

— are like virtual hugs!

So Thanks Twitter for all you do for our Global Community.



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  1. Miss Goold & her class (@2ndgradesjs) says:

    Thanks for sharing our picture, Erin! We loved connecting with you on Twitter and Skype as well. I hope that even more people do the same thing in the following years. Keep up the good work!
    Your Friends,
    The Top Chefs of 2nd Grade

    • Erin Dealey says:

      You’re welcome. It was so much fun to meet all of you. But now I’m curious–does the “Top Chefs of 2nd Grade” mean you’re making dinner tonight? Cookies? I’ll be right over!