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Room FIVE-04’s Blog Takeover–6th grade Poems, Posters + what we learned about writing.

December 11, 2020

We’re back! Remember us?–Your friends in Room FIVE-04 from Lincoln Elementary in the Central Valley of CA?

We’re the ones who took over Erin Dealey’s blog on the Book Birthday of

DEAR EARTH…From Your Friends in Room 5!

(See part 1of our Blog Takeover here.)

Today we’re back to share some more posters we made and a few of the poems we wrote with Ms. Dealey. But first…

One of the things Ms. Dealey told us is: 

by Elijah G.

We learned that writing is not like Math, where the answer is either right or wrong. When a teacher or editor takes their red pen to your paper, it’s to help you polish it, and make it so others can read it. Edits are not a bad thing.

Edits help you turn your

writing into reading. 

She also said if we don’t know what to write, start with:

“This is crazy. I don’t know what to write. Why is she making us write this?”

We hope you’ll enjoy our poems & posters:

by Elijah G.

by Izabella D.

by Jas. S

by Hailey R.

Miah wrote this poem for her new baby sister. Poems can be about anything! Poems help you use your voice.

by Izabella D.

Poems can express emotions:

Love is wonderful.

Wonderful as you are.

Are you feeling this feeling?

Love, love, love.

Love is powerful.

Love is strong.

Love is something that you cannot break. 

Breaking will not do anything because of this powerful force.

This force is like the solar system.

The solar system you cannot break as well.

It’s like the planets.

The planets are a representation of love.

 The planets are held together with love. 

Love, love, love.

Love is everything. 

Everything you want to become can happen because of love.

Love is wonderful. 

by Mannat P.


by Yehloe B.

It turns out writing poems isn’t so crazy after all. 

And check out all our cool DEAR EARTH posters here!

Thank you, Erin Dealey, for zooming and writing with us,

and letting us take over your blog again.

Writing is never wrong! 

Happy Holidays, thank you Mrs. Howard, and Happy Writing to everyone.

From your friends in Room FIVE-04.


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