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Not your Momma’s Critique Group : )

April 10, 2009

THE GroupIMG_0076(we still don't have a name) meets every other Thursday, with writing pals (L to R) Linda Joy Singleton * Dead Girl series, The Seer series and more. www.LindaJoySingleton.com , Connie Goldsmith * Invisible Invaders , Superbugs Strike Back and other cutting edge science titles. www.lernerbooks.com , and Patricia Newman *Jingle the Brass, and soon to be released Nugget on the Flight Deck (Fall 2009) www.patriciamnewman.com at a local Border's. (Yes, I said the B-word. They've been good to us. Plus, it's the closest mid-point we could find, and no Indies around for miles.)

This week we had the usual chapters to critique, news about editors and agents and SOUND THE TRUMPETS Patti shared the first glimpses of Nugget, with cool illustrations by Aaron Zenz and military jargon and facts about life aboard an aircraft carrier.


We KNOW this book's gonna TAKE OFF and SOAR, Patti. (and not just because we've known Nugget since it was a mere gleam in your writer's eye…)IMG_0080

It's not just about the coffee… IMG_0078

We are serious about this stuff.

Plus I got a new camera for my birthday…                                                                  

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