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Influenza: The Next Pandemic? (Twenty-First Century Books/2007)

April 28, 2009

With the swine flu outbreak, everyone should know about Connie Goldsmith’s book, Influenza: The Next Pandemic? (Twenty-First Century Books). Goldsmith discusses the historical impact of the flu; how flu viruses mutate; today’s flu viruses; and preventing the flu. She reported on bird flu in this book before it hit the major news outlets. In fact, she’s even been commissioned by the editors of NurseWeek, a periodical for practicing nurses, to write an article on the flu this week.
Influenza: The Next Pandemic? has received excellent reviews from librarians and the medical community. The NSTA Children’s Book council called it “a seamless blend of history and science.”
Connie’s book may be found on Amazon at:
http://www.amazon. com/Influenza-Pandemic-Twenty-First-Century-Medical
Connie advises: “I’d encourage all of you who are interested to check the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website at :
http://www.cdc. gov/swineflu/
for common-sense precautions to follow and for additional information. This particular flu contains elements of human, bird, and swine flu and has never been seen in humans before. Therefore, no one has any natural immunity, and of course, current flu shots offer no protection against it.”
Stay healthy!

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