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Erin’s Favorite Back-to-School “Quote Wall”

August 20, 2009

Quote Wall Cambridge Heights Elementary  

                 The Quote Wall is one of the easiest ways EVER to “decorate” your classroom or library wall(s) and encourage kids to read and write!

I shared this recently with participants at the Santa Clara County Office of Ed’s Library Summer Camp (fun!) and last year at a Sacramento Area Library Association event, and here is an example of the Quote Wall that Media Center Tech Lynn Baker put up at Cambridge Heights Elementary (Citrus Heights CA). 

All you need: A blank piece of white (or a pale color) butcher paper. (If you have that red corregated brick paper on hand like Lynn did then go for it. ) 

Here’s how: After story time, or when students turn in their books, or the class reads together, or even after Sustained Silent Reading, ask them for their favorite quote in the book. add these to the wall. when students write their own stories or recommend bbooks, write their “quotes” too. Class artists can help you illustrate selected quotes if you want. Or take photos of the book covers  or student authors. You will have a wonderful display in no time–and what a great way to promote reading and writing and WORDS. Lynn Baker and Erin

Quote Wall 2 Caution: Lynn said her wall filled up FAST and at the end of the quarter, when she went to start a new one, the kids didn’t want her to take the first one down! : ) Thanks for the photos, Lynn!


And thank you to all who participated in my workshop at the 7th annual Library Summer Camp IMG_0782located at the Santa Clara County Office of Education last week, especially to Judy Moomaugh (SMCOE) and Peter Doering (SCCOE) for inviting me–as well as all the “Camp Counselors.”  Happy new school year!

Library camp 2

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