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Introducing QuaranTEEN, the website for Teens stuck in #quarantine.

May 19, 2020

In the intro of my guest teen blogger’s last post, the book review of Red Hood by Elana K. Arnold, she mentioned building a website for teens stuck in quarantine. 

Guess what?

Within days of that review going up, QuaranTEEN successfully launched! 

After checking out what they had created, I invited Tori to share it with all of you here.  Take it away, Tori…

Hello everyone!

Here’s a brief description of what we’re about:

QuaranTEEN is a showcase of the creative talents of a group of teens in Southern California. We have an active blog filled with posts on art, literature, music, culinary recipes, and much, much more!! 

“The world is on pause. We are not.”

I know creativity in this strange time has been a challenge, but our posts and our writers do their best to get your creative gears up and running. 

“A place where we can use art as an outlet.”

“We’re living out the end of our childhoods during this mess.”
Here are the links to our site, our Instagram, and our Twitter!  
Instagram: q_uaranteen 
Twitter: @Q_uaranteen

“Our generation was made to continue creating while the world burns down around us.”

Smile, stay safe, and I’ll ‘see’ you next time! Most importantly, keep creating! 

 All the best, 


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