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“Be like Izzy!” Fun & easy JUST FLOWERS #class activity for ALL levels= Art + Kindness + Flowers

April 2, 2024

In celebration of #NationalGardenMonth and spring,

here’s a wonderful extension (for all levels)

sent to me from a teacher, that not only embraces the themes of our book,

but encourages students to spread kindness.

Interior art by Kate Cosgrove, from JUST FLOWERS, written by Erin Dealey (Sleeping Bear Press.)


You can do this TODAY, with basic art materials.

How it started:

Ms. Russo posted the following video with this message:

“Be like Izzy! When you see beauty in the world…share it!

Today students designed gorgeous bouquets and delivered them to the other classrooms.”

Check this out:

Aren’t these wonderful?

And did you see that some students labeled the flowers, like we did in the back matter?

Even better, Ms. Russo said,

“The kids absolutely loved it and afterward wanted to

spend the rest of class

looking up the scientific names of flowers!”

Easy instructions:

  1. After reading JUST FLOWERS to your students, try these discussion questions (or your own): Why do you think Izzy gave the flowers away instead of keeping them? What are some ways that Izzy showed kindness to others? How did those who received the flowers feel?
  2. Challenge your students to : “Be like Izzy. When you see beauty in the world…share it!”
  3. Share the flowers in the backmatter and have each student design a special bouquet. For upper levels, have them include the scientific classifications.
  4. Share bouquet designs with the class. Why did you choose those flowers?
  5. Deliver them to the other classrooms, or school staff members.

Follow up discussion: How did it feel to give someone your bouquet?

Teachers–Let me know on social media or via Contact Me, if you try this!

Sending a bouquet of thanks to Ms. Russo for sharing this activity

and to the 3rd graders in Room 105

for spreading kindness in their school.

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