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Poetry Month + World Book Day + Poem in your Pocket day = “The Book Report” by Erin Dealey

April 23, 2021

Happy Poetry Month everyone!

My poem, “The Book Report,” works for Poetry Month AND World Book Day OR Poem in your Pocket Day.

See below for the video of me sharing it, or the poem to print out for your class to read together.

Click HERE to watch “The Book Report” video I recorded for PoetryBoost.com.

Or you can check it out on the PoetryBoost.com website here.

Or print this out and put it in your pocket to share with others.

Have fun!

The Book Report

–a poem in two voices

(one of them has homework to do…)

by Erin Dealey

That book you wrote!

That book you wrote!

How did you write that book you wrote?

Did you write it with a pen?

Scratch out words and start again?

Did you sit at your computer?

Wishing you could ride your scooter?

Then your mom said, “Homework, Sam.”

Author, Help!  I’m in a jam.

Do you have a special muse?

Lucky fish or writing shoes?

Crystal ball or magic rock?

Do they work with writer’s block?!

See, I have this book report.

I picked your book because it’s short.

My best friend says it’s also funny.

Do you make a ton of money ———————————————————> ????

Reader, (May I call you Sam?)

Sorry that you’re in a jam.

Tell me, have you read my book?

Given it a teensy look?

That book you wrote!

That book you wrote!

I did not read that book you wrote.

But aren’t you a celebrity?

Say– Could you write this thing for me?

Please! My brain!

It’s stressed. It’s strained.

Did you write it on a train?

At the ocean? When it rained ——————————————————->????

Not on a train, Sam. Not at the sea.

Not in a car, Sam. Don’t you see?

What if you just take a look,

a tiny peek inside my book?

Then maybe you’ll find what you need.

Sam, all you have to do is read.


That book you wrote!

That book you wrote!

Guess what? I READ that book you wrote!

I do not need a lucky fish.

No will-you-do-my-homework wish.

I read your book. I did it! See?

Say–did you write it just for me?

It’s actually good.

You’re number one!

Who knew that reading could be fun?

I’m going to tell everyone!

And best of all,


Ps Thank you, thank you for all the #BookLove for DEAR EARTH…From your Friends in Room 5.

My wish is for all of us to celebrate Earth Day every day, all year.

Want to be an EARTH HERO? You can start here!

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