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We’re Ba-ack! 4th Grade Blog Takeover–part 2 = Writing is not like Math.

February 9, 2021

person writing on pink sticky notes

Hi Again–Room 313 is back from Bainbridge Island, WA, with a few thoughts about writing, and a few poems that we wrote with Erin Dealey!

That’s our teacher, Ms. Strayer (above), with two of Erin Dealey’s books.

We read a bunch of them. See our last blog takeover (click here) for the reviews.

This blog post is about our writing.

Writing is a way to share our opinions. Writing is not like Math, where there is only one right answer. Some of us thought writing poems would be boring and painful but it wasn’t.

Poems can be about things you like:

You can share your feelings.

I hate to write 

Writing is kinda fun

Fun = Sam 

Sam is my friend 

Friends, I only have a couple 

                                         by Liam

Poems can be about your pets! 

Nora (my dog) is the best, 

best at running

Running fast 

Fast eating too,

She is so cute!

        by Luisa

Poems express our feelings. 

This poem is about report cards,

report cards are scary,

scary things are worth screaming,

screaming is normal,

normal is this,

this is a poem about report cards

                                         by Sam

Poems can surprise you! 

Poems can make you smile. 

That tiara is sparkly 

Sparkly like jewels 

Jewels make me do the opposite of frown

Frown is the opposite of smile

Smiles make my day just like that

That tiara is sparkly

by Hannah

Poems can help you get through tough times. 

Poems can be about sports. 

Taekwondo is fun.

Fun things like weapons and sparring. 

Sparring is a part of taekwondo .

Taekwondo is a cool sport.

                                       by Cristina

Poems aren’t boring after all!

See what we mean? 

My underwear 

My closet is full of underwear everywhere 

Underwear is taking over 

My poem is over. Underwear.

                                       by Sean

We hope you liked our poems.

(You can tell us in the comments if you want!)

Thanks, Erin Dealey. We think you’re funny.
We like your books.
We voted on our favorites.

 Happy Book Birthday PETER EASTER FROG! 

Bye bye. That’s all for now from Room 313. Except:

And…check out this reading song from Erin Dealey:

Click here and sing-along! 

(also on YouTube and iTunes!)

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