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April 1, 2009

 IMG_0030 One of the best parts about doing Author Visits at schools is the opportunity to encourage kids to read and write. Thank you to all of the wonderful students and teachers, and amazing Librarians I've met recently. As you can see, my golden retriever MAX likes to read the fan mail, which comes in various shapes and sizes. (Thanks Mrs. Gee and her 22 sheep! See other photos for a look inside their book…) But hereIMG_0037 are some letters that Ridgeview Elementary students wrote to the often unsung heroes, their PTA, who sponsored my visit.

Thank you PTA for having Erin Dealey. She is so cool and fun and nice. Please let her come again. She is fun to watch. I like her noises and it is fun to listen to her. she is wonderful. She made LITTLE BO PEEP CAN'T GET TO SLEEP and GOLDIE LOCKS HAS CHICKEN POX. I like her books. They are cool. She is a cool author.        Love, Hannah

IMG_0034 Thank you PTA for having an author come in….One thing I learned is that your sloppy copy is your friend. Write your story. (How do you make those noises?) Jack and Jill were funny. I had the best assembly ever.        Fondly, Tejbir

Dear PTA, …thank you for raising money. I'm going to write a book about you. IMG_0032 I love Erin Dealey.     Love, Zak

Dear PTA, the author was pretty funny. I wish she would live here. My class and I will do our best and work the hardest. All the graders will do their best. The more the teachers keep teaching us, the more we will do. Erin Dealey's book was amazing!     from Jabari

IMG_0036 IMG_0033 Here's one for me: Dear Mrs. Dealey, Good morning! How are you today? Your books are the greatest! You're AWESOME! You made us really smart! Thank you for coming to our school. Will you come back sometime? Your big fan, Liam

: )  THANK YOU, PTA!!!!! You rock!


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