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Top Ten Questions People Ask Me at Author Visits

June 3, 2005

1. How many books have you written?
3P + 7M + 4 or 5T(trashed) + 2N= 17 or more. Three are published, seven manuscripts are making the rounds at editor’s desks right now (think good thoughts!), four or five are trashed in the I Once Thought These Were Good file, two novelty books will be out next year, and I’m revising one middle grade novel.

2. How did you get started?
See my ABOUT page.

3. Did you draw the pictures in your books?
No, but I like to draw!

4. What is Hanako Wakiyama like?
Very talented! And shy. This may surprise you but we’ve worked on two books together and we’ve never met. Funny, huh?

5. Did you always want to write children’s books?
No. Never. Nada.

6. Are you rich?
Same as answer #5.

7. Will you read my book?
Same answer as # 6. Sorry.

8. My friend is an artist and I’m a writer, and we have this great idea…
Hold it right there. Unless your friend is a professional artist with a portfolio to send to editors, do not send art work. *Editors will match you with an illustrator.

9. What’s your favorite book that you’ve written?
This is like asking your mother which of her kids she likes best. I’m sure she’d say, “I love you all for different reasons. Now run outside and play. Or go read.” My answer is the same.

10. What are you working on now?
I am currently revising a middle grade novel. Every time I work on a novel, however, picture books pop into my head. I’ve come a long way from the days of working on that assembly line in the pineapple factory. (Have you checked out my bio yet?)

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